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Author in need of help

On I'm the Author Lonely Gravity. I've been doing this story "Farfarello's Fairy tale" and was getting comments on my spelling/grammer witch you can read why on my Author bio why it bothers me. Anyway I said I would have my friend proof-read for the next chapter but she's been busy and I started this new story. I'm not giveing up on my other story yet. I came up with an idea, I'm going to post my stories on my journal and in my Memories under "My fanfics" then after a week or more I'm going to post them on and HOPEFULLY I won't get so many people commenting on the wording and more on the work.

Here it is: My fanfics
Title: Meet me at McDonalds
Author: Lonely Gravity

Rateing/censor: please suggest
Summary: Just a fun story about what would happen if Farfie and Ken meet at McDonalds. XD
Warnings: Not sure yet. But most likely CCC (Cute Clean Craziness)
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