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AAAAAAAAAAGHHH!! Btw, this is my first time posting >.>"

Hi. Kaywan here. I just joined. I absolutely love Weiss Kreuz. Brad Crawford is my husband.

Crawford: **Shoots Kaywan** -_-" Get a life... and stop drawing me in underwear, embracing Schuldig or worse... Farfarello...

Me: >.>" **Shot**

Anyways... **Cough**... Sorry...

Ok. I need help...

Can anyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IM me or e-mail to send episodes of Weiss Kreuz (Kapitel, Gluhen, Verbrechen-Strafe, ANYTHING!) containing Schuldig and/or Crawford. I'm trying to make an AMV for my friend and although I own the DVDs and have downloading programs... my computer won't download the episodes or rip the DVDs. I am so desparate right now. So please help out a fellow WK fan .OO.

E-mail is
Msn messenger:
AIM: KaywanTheMegami

Also, if you know a site where I can download the episodes but not in torrent file type, it would help too.

Thank you so much!
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